Emergency Centre

Emergency Centre

Welcome to the Emergency Centre at Thonburi-Chumphon Hospital. Our centre is providing round-the-clock emergency care by experienced doctors and nurses who specialize in handling critical situations. We are equipped with modern medical equipment and an ambulance service to ensure rapid and efficient patient transport.

Opening Hours:

Daily24 hours

Call Ambulance:
Services Offered:
24/7 Emergency Services
Our team of experienced doctors and nurses is available 24/7 to provide immediate care for all types of emergencies, ensuring timely and effective treatment.
Modern Medical Equipment
We are equipped with modern medical tools and devices to handle various emergency situations, providing comprehensive care and life-saving interventions.
Ambulance Services
Our ambulance service is available for rapid and safe transportation of patients or injured individuals to the hospital, equipped with all necessary life-saving equipment.


Our centre features advanced medical equipment and facilities to ensure comprehensive emergency care. Our dedicated ambulance service is fully equipped to provide immediate medical assistance during transport.

Emergency Hotline:

Emergency Ambulance Hotline: Call 077 658 555