Medicine Clinic

Medicine Clinic

Welcome to the Medicine Clinic at Thonburi-Chumphon Hospital. Our clinic provides medical examinations and treatments by a team of specialized physicians using medication for the following diseases:

Opening Hours:

Daily8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Services Offered:
Diagnostic and Treatment of
  • Respiratory system diseases such as tuberculosis, asthma, and pneumonia.
  • Neurological disorders such as concussions, epilepsy, and migraines.
  • Cardiovascular and blood vessel diseases such as hypertension and heart disease.
  • Endocrine disorders such as diabetes and thyroid disorders.
  • Other diseases including allergies and sexually transmitted infections.
Vaccination Services
We offer vaccination services for various diseases, including common respiratory infections like influenza, measles, and pneumonia, as well as vaccinations for preventing other illnesses such as hepatitis, tetanus, and polio. Additionally, we provide vaccinations against dengue fever to help protect individuals from this mosquito-borne disease. Our team of healthcare professionals will provide you with the necessary vaccinations to help protect you and your loved ones from preventable diseases.


Our clinic is equipped with modern facilities to provide comprehensive medical care for various diseases.